Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hexagonal Exploding Box Tutorial

Hi Everyone. Today I am going to share a tutorial for my Hexagonal exploding box. I originally designed a template for this box to run as a class at The Scrapbook Lady. I created this tutorial for online users for Artfull Crafts. This is my very first go at creating a tutorial, it's not perfect but hopefully it makes sense. The exploding box is a great gift idea, the box serves as a lovely decoration and a gift in itself when full of photos & sentiments.

Firstly you will need to glue a piece of card stock to a piece of patterned paper, ensure you glue on the opposite side of the patterned paper that you would like to be the outside of your box. Set this aside.

Next you will need to print out a Hexagon shape, I got mine here. Once you have printed the hexagon you need to use a photocopier to alter the size. Photocopy one hexagon at 80% of original size (you will use this one for your base layer -which is also the outside of your box) Then photocopy one hexagon at 65% of the original (this becomes your inner layer). Discard the original printout then cut out your two re sized hexagons.

Use repostionable tape to temporarily stick the largest hexagon on to the centre of the card stock that you set aside earlier (the one that you glued to the patterned paper). The patterned paper should be face down on the table - you need to rule up the template on the card stock.

Choose a co-ordinating piece of card stock to create your second layer.

Choose a co-ordinating piece of card stock to create your lid.

Choose some patterned paper for your lid.

So here is the finished box...well except for the photo's it was a huge task photographing at each stage whilst I was making it..let alone contemplating putting photos in it in
In the last set of photos you can see how you can collapse the box in order to post it. Just pack in a small box with some bubble wrap & or tissue paper.

Here is a photo of my original exploding box from my blog ... it shows different ideas of embellishing and decorating & it has photos in it!
You will see in this version I made three layers, you just need to reduce your original hexagon again to do this.

I know this was a huge post, so thank you if you made it to the end! I think it had to be a detailed post in order to give you clear instructions on how to replicate the box.

I hope you will have a go, Lisa :)


  1. Such an amazing post Lisa - I can't wait to try making this box!

  2. I love this! I'll be making these for Valentine's! Thanks so much for the clear instructions.

  3. Beautiful, and such a clear and a=easy to follow tutorial, many thanks for sharing this lovely creation

  4. Wonderful tutorial, and I love your two finished boxes, they are beautiful.


  5. Beautiful boxes with a goodie to enjy now and a goody to enjy forever!!